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We talk about various topics, tips, tricks and advice for all types of writing. We cover novel writing, script writing, copywriting, working from home, and general writing aspects.

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Favorite Episodes

Ep. 36: Making Sacrifices for Your Writing

Episode 36: Making Sacrifices for Your Writing Episode 36 has JT talking about some of the sacrifices we make in order to write more. Things like sleep and healthy eating habits. We also discuss why this isn’t always a bad thing and offer a few suggestions to help make these

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Ep. 38: Making Time to Write Your Novel

Episode 38: Making Time to Write Your Novel Today, we talk about your creative time, the time when you are primed to write your best. It can be the middle of the night or just after lunch. Identifying this time and creating a schedule that will keep you on track

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Ep. 28: Never Show Your Work

Episode 28: Never Show Your Work Episode 28 teaches you why you need to do extensive research on a topic for your novels. It explains the two main ways to display this knowledge (Trickle Effect and Data Dump) and which one you should use. Research is important for accuracy and

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Ep 27: Write What You Know

Episode 27: Write What You Know In episode 27 we take a look at the adage “write what you know,” and then break it down. Understanding that the meaning is far deeper than some surface definition will help your writing be more accurate, detailed and enjoyable. You can listen to

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