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We talk about various topics, tips, tricks and advice for all types of writing. We cover novel writing, script writing, copywriting, working from home, and general writing aspects.

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Favorite Episodes

Ep. 28: Never Show Your Work

Episode 28: Never Show Your Work Episode 28 teaches you why you need to do extensive research on a topic for your novels. It explains the two main ways to display this knowledge (Trickle Effect and Data Dump) and which one you should use. Research is important for accuracy and

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Episode 1: Storytelling

Episode 1: Storytelling Way back when, the podcast you know and love was called “Freebie Friday.”The name change is a long story described in this blog post. In this first episode, JT discusses what the podcast is and covers the topic of storytelling. You can listen to the episode right

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Episode 8: The Final Freebie Friday Episode

Episode 8: The Final Freebie Friday Episode & Don’t Give Up Episode 8 brings you the final Freebie Friday Podcast. It isn’t what you think. We will cover the big changes that affect the podcast, the main website, and the newsletter. Then we will talk about why you don’t give

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Episode 5: Stop Spending Money on Your Website

Episode 5: Stop Spending Money on Your Website In Ep. 5, I throw out the script and just talk candidly about your work from home or copywriting website. I explain how to set them up and why you need to stop spending money on them. You can listen to the

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