Ep 44: Time to Get Organized and be Productive

Episode 44: Time to Get Organized and be Productive

In Episode 44, I tell you the start of my story on how I overcame depression, ADD, anxiety and a host of other issues to be my most productive self. With the help of my words in my new eBook, you can do it too!

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Episode 44 Transcript

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00:00 [JT Pledger] Greetings my fellow pen holders and scribble makers. Today will be quick, I want to talk a little about your abilities to get organized and how to stay productive. I will cover the new PDF up on the website and how the things I have gone through might just help you out, too. Get ready, it’s coming up next.

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00:48 [JT] And off we go. Look, there are things in life that aren’t writing that we have to deal with. While I loathe this, it happens. We can’t just wake up write our novels all day and then go eat seafood. If only. No, we have obligations and silly things we have to tend to, like children or pets. We have friends and family that apparently panic when we don’t contact them for 27 straight weeks or something. It’s a chore, but we have to do it.


The Key is Organization and Productivity

01:27 The key, I have found is organization. I haven’t done an official study, so my numbers may be skewed. I did have a control group though, and I found out that 100% of me is much better off when I am organized and formulate a game plan. What that tells me, is that a lot of people like me could benefit from a little organization.

Organized and Productive
Organized and Productive. One leads to the other. It is a wonderful cycle.

01:52 In a further study I conducted over a period of about 12 long, grueling minutes, was that organization leads to plan making. When you make a plan, it prompts action and this whole chain of events happens where you actually get shit done. It’s incredible.


Let’s Get Serious, maybe?

02:11 Okay, All joking aside, look. Since I was about 12 years old (at least that I can remember), I have suffered with depression. At times it was manic. I would spiral out of control, downward like a Nine Inch Nails song on repeat. This didn’t stop me from being a member of society, though. It did make me wish I didn’t have to. School is about mandatory, at least in my house it was, so, I had to go. I took my internal battles with me and did my best to swallow them, keep them inside or just stay the hell away from other kids.

02:55 It worked for the most part and while I didn’t know it at the time, it made me learn how to squash the feelings. Now, I am not advocating that you simply squash your depression. It is something that needs to be dealt with. There are counselors and therapists and medications that you can try to manage the symptoms. I highly recommend you do so, if you feel it is warranted.

03:22 What I didn’t know, was that I didn’t know. I just thought this is how it was, so for the next 30-some years, I did what I had to do. I never talked to anyone about it, I never took medications. Or went to therapy. I just plugged along figuring everyone felt like me and we were all just doing our best.


I Suffered From More Than I Realized

03:48 I knew I had depression. What I didn’t know what there were other ailments I suffered from. ADD, for example. I was never diagnosed, nor put on medications. I was good school and my studies, I just talked a lot to the other kids, I finished my work fast and would grow bored. To fight off the dark shadows, I would turn around and disrupt the kid sitting behind me. I got in trouble a lot for this.

04:22 It wasn’t until last year that I found out for certain that I had ADD. Because I am not hyperactive, I never really thought much about it. Like the depression, I just assumed this is how things are. I’d start a project, get side tracked, come back to the project later. This process has been my entire life. I have been called the king of unfinished projects. Now I know why. I don’t finish, because I start 46 other things while working on the first one.


Meds? Bleeechh!

I don’t like taking things, especially when they take backward steps.

05:00 Here is what I found out though. I hate ADD medication. I took it. Hoping to gain some focus, I wanted to stop procrastinating and start performing. I wanted my great ideas to see completion and I want to succeed in all of these endeavors. The meds helped me focus alright. So much so that I lost my drive, creative abilities and became a zoned out robot.

05:36 What I learned was that I didn’t get side tracked so much. I was able to sit and work on a project for much longer. However, I still got sidetracked every now and then. When I did, I would then become focused on that for the next 4 or 5 hours. Usually, my side track thoughts and ideas last about 20 seconds to three or four minutes. Then I returned to the project until I got sidetracked again.

06:05 The medication made me focus, but took away my ability to create, to enjoy. So, I stopped the meds. If you are currently taking any medication please, for the love of all things holy, do not stop taking them! Go talk to your doctor first! I was able to stop because I had only taken a couple of doses. It was my choice to start them and I hated them from the get go. I am not a doctor, nor a lawyer, so , stay on your meds until you talk to someone that is.


Something has to Change

06:44 Anyway, back to my story here. Something had to change, right? I mean, I couldn’t stay like I was. I wanted to finish my projects. There is something inside that wants me to put my novels and screenplays out there, to be creative. So, I made myself focus for a few hours. If I fought off the dark shadow, I could focus for a couple of hours on a single thing.

07:13 I sat there and realized that I was a mess. Literally, my desk was in shambles, my computer was unorthodox and files were everywhere. I knew right away, that if anything was going to change, it started with me.


I Was That Change

07:29 So, I made a change. I got organized. I made physical and mental decisions that have altered my life for the better. Now, I am in a position to help you, as well. So, that’s just what I have done. I created a little eBook titled “How to Get Organized and Stay Productive.” You can find it on the website, at ExtraDraft.com just look for the links to the shop. You’ll find it. Likewise, you can follow the link to this transcript for this episode where I will list the address for the eBook.

How to Get Organized and Stay Productive
It’s a great little book with an awesome story!

08:07 Buy the eBook, read it over. I am sure you will enjoy it. The story tells you more about what I have gone through and where I am today. Besides that, it tells you how you can follow along and start organizing yourself. It gives you the hope, the passion and that attitude of “hell, if this dude did it, I can do it too.”

08:30 And you can! You absolutely can. It took me way too long to figure out how to balance everything in my life, especially the things I didn’t recognize as wrong. Now, I am organized, I am more productive than ever and my projects are being completed left and right. I don’t want to see anyone else wait around as long as I did to get to this point. Let me tell you folks, being in the position I am, where I can ward off the demons on my own, I can pump out project after project and I can take full control of my life and its outcome… That is the place you want to be. The view is incredible from up here.


Shameless Self-Promotion

09:23 My little eBook is an outreached hand to help pull you up to my level. To show you that you can do it, too. You are not alone, and believe me, there are too many ways to fail out there. With my life lessons as proof and support, I can show you how possible it is to be creative, write your words, take care of the house and the family and be happy doing all of it!

09:54 Doesn’t that sound like somewhere you want to be? Go check out my eBook “How to Get Organized and Stay Productive.” I promise you will be glad you did.

10:07 Until next week friends, have fun; write words.

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