Episode 8: The Final Freebie Friday Episode

Episode 8: The Final Freebie Friday Episode & Don’t Give Up

Episode 8 brings you the final Freebie Friday Podcast. It isn’t what you think. We will cover the big changes that affect the podcast, the main website, and the newsletter. Then we will talk about why you don’t give up on your story.

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Episode 8 Transcript

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00:00 [JT Pledger] Welcome to the final episode of the Freebie Friday podcast today we’re going to talk about the big changes that include this podcast and the website, and why this is the last Freebie Friday episode. And then we’ll get into the writing tip for this week, so stick around we’ll talk about all of that.

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00:40 [JT] All right, if you have been on the site or you’ve subscribed to the newsletter, then you have heard rumors of the big changes that are coming up. And while I tell you that this is the last episode of the Freebie Friday podcast, that is true, it is not the last episode of this podcast though.


What Are The Changes?

01:04 So what’s going on? Well, I have decided that the three elements of the main part of the website which is this podcast, the blog on the website, and the newsletter, are all going to coincide with each other. And they’re going to have a weekly theme, and as it stands right now the order that everything is released in is not coherent. So, I’m gonna make everything more streamlined and to do that I have to move things around.

01:36 The first thing that I’m gonna move around is the blog post. Which currently is released on Tuesdays. I’m going to switch that to be released on Monday. Now, this will kick off the week. It will address the theme for that week and it’ll go into a lot of the detail and in-depth parts that the podcast and the newsletter just cannot cover. So we’re gonna start that.


What About the Blog?

02:06 Now as far as the blog goes, that’s the only change from Tuesday to Monday. The next big change is this podcast, which currently because of “Freebie Friday” it is released on Friday to end the week. But that’s not gonna happen anymore. Now the podcast will be moved to Wednesdays and that will allow me to continue the theme from the blog post and get ready for the weekly wrap-up. But it’ll also allot more time that I can spend doing supplemental episodes that I can release sporadically throughout the week. Obviously, with the Wednesday podcast and random other day of the week episodes, having a name of Freebie Friday just isn’t gonna work.

03:01 So this Monday when the blog post comes out, the first thing that you will learn is the new name of this podcast. We’ll also have new artwork, so that will change as well. If, if you go to the website ExtraDraft.com to listen to the podcast, the address will change because it is currently now Freebie Friday. But I’ll have everything up to redirect automatically. So, once you go and you click on the link to the Freebie Friday…to the podcast, then it’ll automatically switch you over to the new address which you can bookmark there, too. Or update your current bookmarks.


The Podcast and Newsletter?

03:50 The podcast will still talk about the writing tips. I’ll give you tips and tricks and how to get the most out of the ebook that’s being released, and the video courses that are coming up. We’ll also go over some of the things in the blog post from that week. We’ll cover some of the homework and things to help you out to get those done, and get them done efficiently following the 5-Draft Method. And then we’re gonna wrap everything up on Thursday with the newsletter.

04:29 And the newsletter will cover everything else that happened during that week and then look forward to next week. And those are the big changes. Now, like I said, on the website the addresses will change. The newsletter will still go out. It’ll also have a new name. Currently, it’s called The Extra Draft’s Monday Mailbag.

04:51 Being out on a Thursday, we’re gonna change that as well. But those are really the only changes that are gonna affect you as, you know if you listen to this on iTunes or Stitcher, LibSyn, whatever it is that you listen to the podcast on. The RSS feeds I’m gonna leave the same, so you don’t have to update anything. They’ll still come to you. They’ll still download. You’ll just notice it’ll be a new name, and it will have new artwork.


Weekly Topic: Don’t Give Up On Your Story

05:20 So now that the business is out of the way, let’s go to this week’s little lesson here. And this one is just a quick one. It’s a little tip, a little reminder or something to keep it in the back of your head. Don’t be afraid to tell your story.

Don't Give Up

05:39 And what I mean by that is you may have heard that every story has already been told. And that’s true. There, there rarely…very, very rarely, is there anything ever released that is truly unique and fresh and new. It does happen, but for the most part, when you see something “new” you can attribute it to something else from the past. The story has been told in one way or another by someone else before you.

06:16 And I’ve seen a lot of authors, a lot of writers or aspiring authors, get to this realization point. They come along, they’re working on their story, they have this great idea. They’re writing it out or they’re outlining it or they’ve even started one of the drafts. And then they come across something either online or in the library, or whatever, where it reminds them of their story and they just get disheveled.


Disappointment Leads to Quitting

06:46 They get disappointed and they quit. They’re like, “Well, this isn’t a fresh idea. It’s not unique. it’s not original; it’s already been done. So I’m just gonna give up on it.” But don’t be afraid to tell your story. Because look, even though every story has already been told, it hasn’t been told by you.

07:15 So we look at different examples. Let’s look at Romeo and Juliet, one of the most famous tragic love stories of all time. Written by Shakespeare, in what? 1942 or something? I’m kidding, but how many times has that been retold?

07:36 If you think about it, like West Side Story, that’s Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet, itself, has been redone so many times. Then you have offshoots. You have cartoons. Anybody remember Gnomeo and Juliet?

07:54 Just because something has been done before doesn’t mean it’s been done your way. And that’s what I want you to focus on. Tell your story and as long as you aren’t copying someone else’s work exactly. I’m talking like plagiarism and taking everything but changing a character’s name or something. You can tell a similar story and you’re telling it your way. It’s gonna have your spin on it, and that is what makes it unique.


Think You’ll Lose Readers?

08:25 If you’re worried about losing a reader because your story isn’t fresh and new don’t be. We have genres in writing for a reason. People like romance novels. People like horror novels. They like true crime, whatever it is that they like. And if you go through and you read enough of the same genre over and over, you’re gonna get the same story.

08:51 People don’t care. People like these stories, that’s why they are drawn to that genre or that author. And they will read them anyway. They like the different spin that the different authors can put on it. Even if it’s something that’s recognizable as another story, it’s still different enough that they’re gonna enjoy it.


Don’t Give Up: Have No Fear

09:13 So don’t be afraid of that. Don’t. You’re not gonna lose readers because your story has been told before. If you are a creative person, you…you have this itch, or this burn, this desire for that particular project. Something comes into your mind you get this idea and it just sticks with you. And it’s gonna stay there until this project is completed.

09:44 So if you give up on it and you try to put it away, it’s just it’s gonna end up being a regret. Which to me, regret is a feeling of not being able to finish something. So don’t. Go ahead and finish it. Even if you don’t do anything with it. Put it out there and let whatever’s gonna happen, happen.

10:08 But at least you got it done. Just don’t give up on it. If it’s already been told before, and it may have been, but as long as you have your way and it’s your story told in your unique manner with your unique voice it’s gonna be different enough to stand out. And it’s gonna make a difference. So tell your story and don’t give up on it.


So Long For Now!

10:38 And for next week, we will see you on Wednesday.

10:44 Until then, have fun and write words.

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