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Episode 40: How to Convey Your Message and the End of Season 1

This is the last episode for season 1 of the podcast. Find out what that means as well as discussing the main topic: how to properly convey your message. As a writer, we all
Learn to Write, Novel Writing, Tips and Tricks

Episode 39: How to Start a Novel That Gets Attention

When you start a novel it can be tough. Today we talk about the proper way to start a novel. Everything from the first word to the first five pages, to the first five chapters. Find out
Learn to Write, Novel Writing, Tips and Tricks

Episode 38: Making Time to Write Your Novel

Today, we talk about your creative time, the time when you are primed to write your best. It can be the middle of the night or just after lunch. Identifying this time and creating a schedule that will keep you
Learn to Write, Novel Writing, Tips and Tricks

Episode 37: Reader Frustrations to Avoid While Writing Your Novel

In this episode, JT talks about reader frustrations and why you need to take the time to avoid them. We look at the most popular reader turn-offs, why they frustrate your readers, and how you can stop

Episode 36: Making Sacrifices for Your Writing

Episode 36 has JT talking about some of the sacrifices we make in order to write more. Things like sleep and healthy eating habits. We also discuss why this isn’t always a bad thing and offer a few suggestions to

Ep. 35: How to Give Readers a Book Hangover

In episode 35 JT talks about book hangovers, why they are good for both the reader and the author and how you, as a writer, can ensure your readers get hooked. If you can give your readers a
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