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Episode 36: Making Sacrifices for Your Writing

Episode 36 has JT talking about some of the sacrifices we make in order to write more. Things like sleep and healthy eating habits. We also discuss why this isn’t always a bad thing and offer a few suggestions to

Ep. 35: How to Give Readers a Book Hangover

In episode 35 JT talks about book hangovers, why they are good for both the reader and the author and how you, as a writer, can ensure your readers get hooked. If you can give your readers a

Episode 34: Write Like Your Reader Has to Pee

In this episode, JT tells you how to get the readers’ attention, make them stop scrolling and get interested in your content because it speaks to them, personally. We also discover how content should be presented and why
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Episode 33: 9 Types of Copywriters You Want to Become

Episode 33 identifies and explains the jobs of the nine most lucrative and easily started copywriting careers. Do you want to be a copywriter? Listen here to find out which direction to go. You can listen to
Copywriter, Freelance, Learn to Write, Tips and Tricks, Work From Home

Episode 32: Book Titles and Book Covers

In this episode, we talk about cover designs. We talk about things like how to make your book cover stand out and get noticed, how to get the book from the shelf into the shopping cart, and how the title
Learn to Write, Novel Writing, Tips and Tricks

Episode 31: The Voice You Cannot Hear

Episode 31 talks about writer’s voice. JT attempts to define voice and where it needs to be used. We also cover the different voices you can use as well as making voice constant throughout your project. You can listen to
Learn to Write, Novel Writing, Tips and Tricks
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