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Episode 28: Never Show Your Work

Episode 28 teaches you why you need to do extensive research on a topic for your novels. It explains the two main ways to display this knowledge (Trickle Effect and Data Dump) and which one you should use. Research
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Episode 27: Write What You Know

In episode 27 we take a look at the adage “write what you know,” and then break it down. Understanding that the meaning is far deeper than some surface definition will help your writing be more accurate, detailed and
Learn to Write, Novel Writing, Tips and Tricks

Episode 26: Hating on Online Grammar Tools

Episode 26 talks about online grammar tools, where they are useful and when they are not. JT explains how online tools work and why you shouldn’t put too much stock into them. He also touches on professional editors and
Freelance, Learn to Write, Tips and Tricks, Work From Home

Episode 25: Passive Vs. Active Voice

In episode 25, we talk about passive and active voice in your writing, how to identify passive voice and when to remove it. We also cover the struggles it can cause and give you a couple of extra learning
Learn to Write, Novel Writing, Tips and Tricks

Episode 8: The Final Freebie Friday Episode & Don’t Give Up

Episode 8 brings you the final Freebie Friday Podcast. It isn’t what you think. We will cover the big changes that affect the podcast, the main website, and the newsletter. Then we will talk about why
Learn to Write, Novel Writing, Podcast

Episode 7: Character-Driven Writing Style

In episode 7 we take a hard look at character-driven writing styles and see how they compare to plot-driven writing styles. We also examine how to write with a character focus and decide if you should or not. You can listen to
Learn to Write, Novel Writing, Tips and Tricks
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