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Website Building

Episode 5: Stop Spending Money on Your Website

In Ep. 5, I throw out the script and just talk candidly about your work from home or copywriting website. I explain how to set them up and why you need to stop spending money on them. You can
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Character Development

Episode 4: Character Development

In episode 4, we look at proper character development and give you tips to help make your character even more real for you and your readers. Characters are easy to write. Making them believable characters is more difficult. Making your characters seem like
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Story Ideas

Episode 3: Start With 10 – Story Idea Process

Getting ideas isn’t a problem for most people, especially writers. Taking an idea and turning it into a book, on the other hand, can be difficult. Knowing which idea will end up making a great book is harder
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Self-Doubt is a Killer

Episode 2: Self-Doubt

The second episode was released on the same day as the first. No fucking around for this guy! Here, I talk about self-doubt. What it is, why we have it and how to overcome it. Self-doubt can be detrimental to a writer
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Episode 1: Storytelling

Way back when, the podcast you know and love was called “Freebie Friday.”The name change is a long story described in this blog post. In this first episode, JT discusses what the podcast is and covers the topic of storytelling. You can listen
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